Heritage Water Tanks Heritage WT 90,500L Tank Zincalume $8,930.00.. Product #: T HWT-HGT90-ZINCALUME

Heritage WT 90,500L Tank Zincalume

Call for Price: (08) 8277 2467

Heritage Zincalume 90,500L large round tank. The tank is supplied with a leaf strainer, a 90mm overflow pipe, a 50mm brass outlet with metal ball valve and a lockable Zincalume manhole.

These tanks have an attractive strong, durable and engineer certified wall profile. The tank walls are made of BlueScope Zincalume and Colourbond steel which is a minimum of one millimetre thick. The tank walls can be powder coated to suit your colour requirements.

Dimensions: 7060mm diameter x 2310mm height.


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