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Thintanks Thintanks Thin Pot Connector $1.75 each.. Product #: ACC TP-Connector

Thintanks Thin Pot Connector

Product Code: ACC TP-Connector
Call for Price: (08) 8277 2467

Connector for Thin Pots. Connectors only come in colour monument currently.

Thin Pots are designed to be used with 1,000L and 2,000L 'Thintanks'. However, Thin Pots can also be used on fences, walls and on the side of homes or any flat surface. Thin Pots can be installed on Thintanks using a specially designed connector. Installation of Thin Pots onto an alternative surface can easily be done by connecting it to irrigation pipe that can be purchased from any local hardware or irrigation supplier. Emitters are also available.