AWWS Grey Flow Drip Tube (100m) FREE DELIVERY.. Product #: GW GFDL-100 Regular price: $143.00 $143.00

Grey Flow Drip Tube (100m)

Product Code: GW GFDL-100

Price: $143.00

Grey Flow Drip Tube 100m Coil

The state of the art GF Drip Tube is specifically designed for use with Grey Flow Grey Water diverter systems

Designed for both sub-surface and sub-mulch applications

- High flow 9L/Hr dripper
- Made from flexible polyethylene tubing
- Evenly spaced, pre-inserted emitters
- Self cleaning turbulet flow path
- 0.3m spacing for more effective strip of watering

100m x GF Drip Line 9L/Hr @ 0.3m