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Puretec Puretec Hybrid H6 Whole House $1,507.00.. Product #: F PTC-HYBRID-H6

Puretec Hybrid H6 Whole House

Product Code: F PTC-HYBRID-H6
Call for Price: (08) 8277 2467

Hybrid H6 High Flow Whole House UV Water Treatment System. 75 lpm, 1" connection. Includes; 10" MaxiPlus twin housing assembly, sediment filter, carbon filter, Radfire UV filter and spanner wrench. 3 Year Warranty.

Ultravoilet (UV) water disinfection systems are designed specifically to kill harmful micro organisms in untreated water supplies (eg. rainwater tanks, bore water and other alternative water supplies). UV systems are commonly installed by homeowners who receive positive E. Coli, Cryptosoridium or Giardia water test result, as well as those with reason to suspect that they are at higher risk for such contamination.