Global Roto Global 3,000L Septic Tank $1,900.. Product #: T GB-GR-SP3000

Global 3,000L Septic Tank

Product Code: T GB-GR-SP3000
Call for Price: (08) 8277 2467

Global Domestic Underground 3,000L Septic Tank. Dimensions; 2090mm dia x 2000mm high x 1235mm dia opening. Moulded in high grade PE, Complies to AS/NZS 2070, 100mm PVC Overflow.

Global Rotomoulding’s Domestic Underground Septic Tanks feature;

• All tanks moulded in food grade polyethelene
• Inlet - up to 100mm DWV
• 0.9mm SS strainer and light guard
• Overflow
• Riser - variable length
• High strength lid
• Submersible pump (not supplied)