Grey Water Systems

What is a grey water system?

Do you know that each person throws out into the sewer system over 100 litres of perfectly reusable water every day? Do you know that home gardens require anywhere from 4 to 8 litres of water per square meter every day?

Grey Flow systems intercept the Grey Water (untreated water) discharged from laundries, showers and basins and divert it back to your gardens. This is all done in an inexpensive, safe and maintenance free manner.

With an ever increasing population and demand on our limited fresh water resources and existing infrastructure, combined with the extremes in temperatures that climate change is generating all over the planet, grey water reuse is quickly becoming not only a wise choice but a necessity in some of the most arid areas of the world.

How does a Grey Water System work?

The Grey Water System collects water from basins, baths and showers , washing machine or evaporative air conditioner , this is then piped to a surge tank or filter. The greywater is held briefly in the tank or simply filtered without storage before being discharged to an irrigation or treatment system.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Grey Water affect my plants and soils?

It is strongly recommended to use Grey Water friendly detergents with low Phosphorous and low salt content.

Can I water my lawn area with Grey Water?

Sub-surface irrigation of lawns using Grey Water has been achieved successfully in many places. They Grey Flow systems do not come with any long term protection against root intrusion. Solutions such as trifluralin impregnated drippers (rootguard) or filters (tech-filters) are available to protect from root intrusion and should be used with sub-surface irrigation of lawn areas.

How much maintenance work does the Grey Flow require?

The Grey Flow systems come with a self cleaning mechanism option which reduces the standard maintenance cleaning work from once a month to once every year.

How can I irrigate my gardens when I am away from home?

The easiest and cheapest way to use your Grey Water system to irrigate your gardens when you are away is to use a battery operated tap timer to top up the Grey Flow system while you are away. Cross connection to existing systems are not allowed.

Can I connect the Grey Flow system to my existing irrigation system?

Standard irrigation systems cannot cope with the untreated grey water. Cross connection is not allowed. Connecting to a non-approved irrigation system will result in failure and void of warranty.


Grey Water Products/Systems

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Universal GFlow System

With easy installation into both new and existing homes, the GFlow is the economical option to keep your gardens green. Using water from either the washing machine, the bathroom or the evaporative air conditioner, the GFlow diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via GreyFlow dripline.

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Universal Grey Flow 001 System

The award winning, environmentally friendly Universal GreyFlow 001 System is the world’s first clean grey water diverter with no tank. The patented real time diversion technology allows for an odour free and disease free environment

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EBS Grey Flow PS System

This two stage installation system is great way to save water for newly built homes. You can install the Builders kit when the plumbing work is done and when you move in you can install the finishing kit. This system has no holding tank and all the water is automatically pumped to the garden.

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Grey Flow Pro

Designed for commercial use , the Grey Flow Pro is heavy duty and low maintenance. Features include self-cleaning filtration mechanism and automated de-sludging mechanism. Designed for a maximum daily greay water reuse of up to 24,000 litres and programmed to empty the tank at least once a day.


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